Christa Gesztesi, M.Ed. Discusses How Brain Gym Reduces Stress and Improves Flexibility and Mental Clarity

Podcast Episode 109                         Release Date: April 14, 2017

Christa GesztesiOn this podcast Christa Gesztesi explains how she uses the Brain Gym method to help children and adults improve their flexibility and mental clarity. Christa is the founder of Intelligent  Connections and is a Licensed Brain  Gym® Instructor. Christa is a  tenured New York City school teacher and she teaches the Brain Gym method to the students at her school. Students bring home the Brain Gym to their parents and Christa also holds separate workshops in her school to help parents manage and reduce their stress. Research backs up Christa’s claim that children will follow the temperament of the teacher, so she also manages herself so that her students feel calm following her countenance. Brain Gym helps reduce test taking stress and anxiety. This allows students to remain calm surrounding the testing process so that they perform better. The movement sequence taught using the Brain Gym method works rapidly to actively get the body moving in a way that facilitates an elevated Relaxation Response. This process is transformative and often leads to additional insights for ways to improve the quality of your life. Christa also shares her views on Formative Spirituality and how to find your unique calling in life. You can learn more about Christa and how the Brain Gym method can improve  the quality of your life by visiting her website




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