Dr. Robert “Bob” Wright, Jr., Speaks About The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation and Stress Burnout (R)

Podcast Episode 115 – Rebroadcast                                             Release Date: May 26, 2017

Dr. Robert Wright, Jr. - Overcoming Stress - Anxiety Reduction- Grief Recovery - Chronic Pain - Neurofeedback - Biofeedback - HealingOriginally released May 8, 2015 as Podcast Episode 008. On this podcast Dr. Bob, The Stress Doctor, provides you the listener with vital statistics and other helpful information concerning the dangers of sleep deprivation and stress burnout. He also covers the detrimental and potentially devastating effects both can have on your health and well being. Dr. Bob lays out the benefits of making changes to your sleep habits and the way you handle chronic stress issues so that you can improve your performance while simultaneously replenishing and nourishing yourself. He discusses solutions to chronic stress burnout from his book 7 Tips for Avoiding Stress Burnout for the Busy Entrepreneur and he speaks about how he coaches his clients to alleviate and dissolve their chronic pain, anxiety, grief and stress. You can learn more and read his latest articles by visiting his website www.stressfreenow.info



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