Mark Sadovnick Shares His Strategic Views on Leadership

Podcast Episode 111                              Release Date: April 28, 2017

Mark Sadovnick July 2016On  this podcast Mark Sadovnick, CEO/founder of Sadovnick Partners,  and  through acquisition, now Managing Director of Executive Search  firm  Stanton Chase, shares his strategic views on leadership and how sports competitiveness combines with the drive for business success. Mark tells you what specific qualities and traits are the ones that move leaders forward to achieve outstanding results as well as laying out what it takes to get hired at the CEO or C-Suite Executive level. Mark clearly identifies the one trait that all high achieving individuals share and he explains how and why getting ahead of the stress curve is critical in order to avoid executive burnout. Mark was recognized  by Business Week as one  of the 150 most influential search consultants  in the world and has  learned from experience that staying healthy  and keeping stress at bay  is a sure path for attaining and maintaining  top level career  performance.

Mark says that you need to have  a compelling “why” for what  you’re doing in order to prevent  burnout. He says that a key imperative  for business success is  making clients your top priority—focusing on  how you can support  them. His firm emphasizes the importance of trust  and straight  forward transparent authentic discussions between executive  and  company for “right fit” for the candidate and their family. He sits on the Boards of  and has strategic synergies with World  Language Communications,  VerdeXchange Institute, Vet Tech Brigade  and Corp Shorts Video, and is  the Founder/Chairman of Talentorum  Alliance. Mark is a Chartered  Accountant, graduating from McGill  University in Montreal. He is most  proud of his three sons, and  when given a chance, will certainly tell  you about them. You can learn more about how Mark can help you reach your career goals by visiting his company websites: or




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