Dr. Bob and Christine Discuss How Using Non-Violent Words and Phrases Improves Your Communication Results

Podcast Episode 136                                              Release Date: April 13, 2018

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On this podcast Dr. Bob and Christine share their views on how and why using non-violent words and expressions to get your point across helps you get superior communication results. The discussion centers on why it’s often a good idea to take a pause before you speak to consider how your message will be received and whether you’ll achieve your desired results with your planned delivery. For instance, if someone asks you “How do I look?” If you respond by saying “Well, you look as good as you possibly can,” this may be taken as a dig. If your intention was to deliver a compliment, most likely, such a reply would offend the receiver. Although you might shrug: “What’s the big deal?” making remarks like that may result in hurt feelings and ultimately damage future interactions. Dr. Bob and Christine emphasize that this is especially true when dealing with young children or teens since they may take what you say literally! They suggest you give young people (adults too) authentic compliments by “catching them doing something right,” instead of always referring to what they did wrong or what’s missing. A key element in improving your communication results is to be more aware of differences in communication styles and preferences. For example, being aware of whether someone’s representational style is primarily visual, auditory, kinesthetic or digital can boost your chances of achieving rapport with them. This improves your chances of getting what you want from any interaction. You can learn more about how coaching with Dr. Bob can up your communications skill set here https://www.stressfreenow.info/coaching/coach-with-dr-bob/ or how coaching with Christine can improve your communication results here https://www.stressfreenow.info/coaching/coach-with-christine/





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