Anti-Bullying Authority Alan Eisenberg Shares His Views on Victim Blaming And Victim Shaming

Podcast Episode 132                                                    Release Date: February 16, 2018

On this podcast, bullying recovery authority and life coach Alan Eisenberg discusses the relationship between victim blaming and victim shaming in the context of rape and sexual abuse and bullying. Alan says that similar processes are involved in terms of what it takes for a victim to come forward with their story regardless of the circumstances. He indicates that it takes courage to tell your story of sexual abuse or bullying since speaking up can mean being attacked because your story is not believed or you can be seen as a trouble maker for “rocking the boat.” Alan is the host of the acclaimed podcast series “Healthy U” and the author of the anti-bullying memoir A Ladder In The Dark: My Journey from Bullying to Self-Acceptance and the novel Crossing the Line: A Cautionary Bullying Tale. Alan is currently producing an anti-bullying documentary film entitled Climbing Out of the Dark. The conversation on this show among Alan, Dr. Bob and Christine covers the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the sexual abuse of USA Olympic athletes, the One Billion Women Rising movement as well as the #TheirTimeIsUp and #MeToo movements. Statistics from indicate that 33% of rape victims seriously contemplate suicide and 94% have PTSD symptoms. Rape, sexual abuse and bullying can have devastating effects of family, friends and co-workers. Lean into the conversation to learn how prevention and healing can help victims move past denial and overcome their fears. You can learn more about Alan and his unique approaches to bullying recovery and healing by visiting his website:




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