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Laughter Reduces Your Stress

Did you know that a good belly laugh is good for you and simultaneously reduces your stress? Did you know that a recent University of Maryland study concluded that subjects who watched excerpts from a funny movie improved the blood flow to their hearts by 22 percent? Since your blood vessels dilate when you laugh, this research demonstrates that increasing your blood flow improves cardiovascular health. So laughing regularly is good for you!

Did you know that a 2014 UC Berkeley animal study showed that the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin helps old muscles work like new? This study demonstrated that oxytocin helps to maintain, repair, and regenerate muscle tissues. Did you know that laughter can stimulate oxytocin release in your body as well as the release of other health promoting neurochemicals such as dopamine, nitric oxide, and serotonin? The really good news is that multiple research studies have demonstrated that hearty laughter has the power to simultaneously reduce your stress and anxiety, boost your mood, and regenerate your muscles!

Studies also show that laughing regularly helps you become more resilient and increases your stress hardiness—boosting your capacity to handle disappointment and discouraging or challenging situations as well as painful stimuli. Laughter helps you reduce stress promoting hormones in your body such as adrenalin and cortisol. While your “fight or flight” stress hormones are helpful in emergency situations, when maintained for long periods of time, this over production leads to chronic disease states and illness.

Since laughter and laughing regularly is so beneficial to your healthy well being, here are some tips for laughing more and getting the benefits of doing so!

Funny Movies: Break out those old movies which make you laugh heartily. You’ll feel better right away.

Comedy Clubs: When you go to a comedy club and laugh until you ache or cry, you’ll leave feeling lighter with an improved mood.

Karaoke Performance: Consider moving outside of your comfort zone to sing Karaoke style. Doing so can boost your self confidence as the crowd cheers you on.

Tell & Learn Jokes: Learning how to regularly tell jokes that are funny and in good taste will automatically boost your well being as well as those who hear your jokes.

Be Positive: A recent study at the University of Vermont analyzed the results from a survey of 5 million people in 10 countries and found that most people prefer and have a bias for positive words and phrases. So using positive words more often can make you and your listeners feel better and may make you more popular too!

Move Around: Numerous studies show that sitting for long periods is hazardous to your health. This includes foggy brain syndrome, increases in leg disorders, low back pain, mortality, and muscle degeneration. It’s a good idea to find ways to laugh and use humor throughout your day. You’ll be doing yourself a favor since your body was designed for movement!

Double Date: Recent studies demonstrate that laughter, novelty, and new experiences boost romantic relationships and that spending time with other couples increases your positive mood as well as theirs. In general, making new friends is also good for your healthy well being.

Friendship Power: Numerous research studies found that the happiest people have strong social networks and that shared laughter among friends can be contagious and beneficial.

While the hectic pace of life can sometimes be challenging to master, it’s important for you to remember that taking time out to spend quality time with people you enjoy not only provides pleasure but can also add to your longevity. Numerous happiness research studies show that laughter and having a sense of humor play key roles in maintaining healthy well being. Since laughing is fun and is good for you, why not start right now!